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 · The music video is the "Enhanced" part, but the way they structure the CD's makes them a royal PITA to play on a computer. IIRC, one way to get around it is to use a CD .

 · enhanced cd generally refers to a "mixed mode cd". Meaning it has both data and audio tracks. My qualm is that, Windows XP natively supports mixed-mode CDs. And opening the CD drive via Windows Explorer should show the data files and not the audio files, not the other way around.

 · The Enhanced content appears after all of the audio tracks, as a final Data track. To rip an Enhanced CD, all you have to do is just select all of the Audio tracks, and leave the Data track out, then rip the CD as you would a normal one.

 · I use ISO Workshop for that which is alright for most CDs but fails to create a correct Cue sheet on Enhanced CD. How do I correct them in order to work out? For example this is the Cue sheet I got for Pocket Symphony by Air: FILE "" BINARY TRACK 01 AUDIO INDEX 01 TRACK 02 AUDIO INDEX 01 TRACK 03 AUDIO.

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  1. Enhanced CD is a certification mark of the Recording Industry Association of America for various technologies that combine audio and computer data for use in both Compact Disc and CD-ROM players. [1] Formats that fall under the "enhanced CD" category include mixed mode CD (Yellow Book CD-ROM /Red Book CD-DA), CD-i, CD-i Ready, and CD-Extra/CD-Plus (Blue Book, also called simply Enhanced Music CD Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins.

  2. Enhanced CDs are multi-session audio and data CDs. They can be used to record Audio CDs with tracks playable in a stand-alone Audio CD player, and also some computer-only data such as pictures or extra content to 'enhance' the music tracks. 1. Recorder > Settings. 2. On the CD .

  3. The moments of brilliance on this CD make the album worth having--every Oliver Stone-John Williams score is worth it, as a matter of fact. by the way, Nixon is an "enhanced" CD. I was able to view some of the enhanced features, including some amusing interview /5(25).

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